star trek 3 starts. we see jim kirk on top of someone as he and the mysterious character are makin’ out on a bed. the lights are off. jim kirk says “i love you” between breaths. there is a silence as both pause. we feel a sense of peculiar deja vu. we wait as suspense builds and the character below him conjures a response. “fascinating.”

I've heard them calling my name [x]

hit ‘em right between the eyes

hit ‘em right between the eyes


there was a post about musical star trek where spock is the one guy who doesn’t understand how everyone is singing and harmonizing but i say no

bones as the one guy who doesn’t understand why everyone is singing and what the hell is this choreography. because i want you to imagine this: bones getting very confused and going to ask spock what the hell is going on and spock turns around and starts singing too

"If you interrupt her now, you will not only incur the wrath of the Klingons, but that of Lieutenant Uhura as well.”


imagine kirk holding up his hand to high-five spock and spock thinks he’s requesting a kiss so after a slight hesitation he slowly puts his hand out and touches their fingertips together and at first kirk’s confused but then he remembers that vulcans kiss with their hands and he just kinda smiles before lacing their fingers together and spock blushes green but doesn’t pull away (◕‿◕✿)