Favorite activities

  • Watching Pacific Rim
  • Watching Pacific Rim Deleted Scenes
  • Watching Pacific Rim Bloopers
  • Watching Pacific Rim Special Features
  • Watching Pacific Rim with Commentary
  • Watching interviews about Pacific Rim
  • Rewatching Pacific Rim
  • Watching my life become Pacific Rim


the best characters are ones that act cool or charismatic but are actually fucking losers


i really dont want to be one of those people who goes “well if you didnt like this movie then you just didnt get it” but i really do think that most of the people who didn’t like pacific rim just didn’t get it


"i don’t have time to start reading that book" [opens 200k fic]


sirius black making no less than 37 deer related jokes in his best man speech

❝ It looks like Skyrim ❞

- Me complimenting nature  (via cophine-sideffects)


i enjoy the simple things in life

like recklessly spending my cash and being a disappointment to my family


what do you mean “one day more” isn’t meant as a solo