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right. so.

i’m sarah. 21. from little rock, arkansas. atheist. liberal. intj. slytherin. here’s my face. i am cis and i go by she/her pronouns. (what is sarah’s sexuality, you might ask. we honestly just don’t know. somewhere on the grey-ace scale.)

and by liberal, i mean really fucking liberal. you’ll see lots on this blog about women’s rights, racism, lgbtqa issues, etc. if you believe reverse-racism and heterophobia are things that exist, you might as well just leave now. and if you’re an mra, you should just get the fuck out of here, because i have no time for your abusive, woman hating bullshit. but at the same time, if you have questions or just want to talk, my ask is always open.

i get pretty invested in fandom, though almost entirely in the background. i write the (very) occasional fic and meta and sometimes make edits and fanmixes. for a list of fandoms you’ll see on this blog, go here.


i have a side blog, corianders, for music

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