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The dye I ordered is about the same pink, and I’ll probably only dye a big chunk of the front/top.

The First Galactic Empire

[Act I The Witches]

We are women. It is enough. We never boiled cats in a cauldron. Never Greteled a girl in a stove. No poisoned apples, no dancing nude in a forest. Not even a song for the moon.

We have mistakes and privileges, wounds, masks. We have thread and flour, children. Perhaps a pair of red shoes.

Here again, the moon rises. And here again, the preacher. And here again, the village. We’ve been hunted before. Dragged by our hair, mouthfuls of mud. Salved burst lips and cigarette burns. Been the blood at the stabbing, the break in the bone.

Here again, us. Gossip rattling our doors, a hundred hungry dolls in the cornfield, chanting our names. Their torches lighting the sky.

[Act II The Preacher]

I was your first murder, but you’ve forgotten. Left your church after the rotted truth. All the broken teeth. Your stash of sucked-dry bones, the jars of hair. You are running out of women to burn.

Stop blaming everyone else for your sins. You snuck through the houses. You slaughtered the dogs. Now, your weeping, beguiled moppets. Your devoted choir. They cannot unsing your crimes.

Face me, Parris. Come to my tombstone and pray. Remember me. I was alive once. I watched you pour the gasoline. Mine was the voice begging No when you struck the match.

[Act III The Village]

When the man at the altar (microphone) speaks, you say it is gospel. His word, The Word. His hand on a good book (beer), his hand on his heart (penis). If he says he did not murder, he did not murder. If he says he did not lie, he did not lie. And none shall speak against it. And none shall speak at all.

And here again, the moon rises. And here again, the preacher. Oh, you gaggle of trained chickens, you flurry of cluck and feather! Let me drag you to the pile of charred bones. Press your noses to the rotting flesh. This woman was a teacher. This, a painter. This girl, here, was a person. She had a heart and a face. A mind of questions, ambitions, and love. She had love.

Look what you’ve done. Your hands, covered in soot. The reek of smoke. This mountain of bodies. This, your mother. Your sister. Here, your own smoldering daughter.

- Crucible, Jeanann Verlee (via teenageevangelism)




An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.


my hand slipped

zayn’s solos in one direction’s music videos

get to know me meme – (2/5) favorite video games

BioShock Infinite (2013)


SZA - Vogue US

photographed by Alessio Boni

styled by Clare Byrne

hair by Paul Merritt

makeup by Ana Marie



shoutout to those gamers that tried to be a bad person in an rpg but can’t because you’re too nice of a person


You find yourself in a group of people standing next to a cliff.

Suddenly, someone pushes another person, sending them over the edge. Thankfully, the victim is able to hold on to the edge rather than fall to their death, but nobody makes a move to help them or stop the perpetrator. Everyone, including yourself, simply stands there watching.

Angry that they’ve been pushed, angry that nobody is helping them as they struggle not to fall, the victim screams, ‘Is anybody going to fucking help me??’

That gets everyone’s attention. ‘Why are you mad at me?’ one person asks. ‘I didn’t push you.’

'Nobody is going to want to help you with an attitude like that.'

'You're just as bad as him.'

Nobody makes a move to help.

The victim screams in frustration, their fingers slipping. ‘You’ve got to be fucking joking!’ they shout as they lose their grip.

'You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.' You say as you walk away.

Welcome to the anti-sj/’real justice’ movement.


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some of the anti sj will step on that person’s fingers too because they think they’re being “too harsh”

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